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Waterlogic, the UK’s largest supplier of drinking water systems has launched The Oceansaver Accolade programme. It recognises organisations that have made a significant contribution and commitment to the reduction of single-use plastics which are dangerously polluting the world’s oceans and waterways.

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of Waterlogic’s operational mindset, which has resulted in the introduction of the accolade. Waterlogic was the first company to introduce point-of-use (POU) water dispensing systems that connect directly to existing water supplies, thereby reducing the need for environmentally unfriendly single-use plastic bottles.

Interserve, together with its client E.ON, is the one of the first company to be recognised by Waterlogic for its commitment to the reduction of single-use plastics.

Interserve Group Limited, the international Support Services, Construction and Equipment Services group, supports E.ON over 22 sites and has over 100 Waterlogic POU water dispensers. Interserve and E.ON have developed an initiative to remove more than 1,300,000 single-use plastic cups from E.ON sites and replace them with Planet 100%biodegradable cups. Although these cups have a higher price point, Interserve and E.ON felt the more environmentally responsible action of eliminating single-use plastic cups far outweighed the additional expenditure.

After a successful pilot at E.ON’s headquarters in Coventry using 50,000 biodegradable water cups made from paper and corn starch lining, Interserve and Waterlogic rolled out the new cup across 22 of the energy supplier’s sites.

Joanna Davies, Account Director at Interserve, commented: “We mobilised the E.ON account in 2017 and now have 8,000 people using Waterlogic’s Planet biodegradable cups. Employees are now encouraged to write their names on a cup and use it for the whole day. Because of this and other initiatives, E.ON is now a leading zero waste-to-landfill organisation.”

Sara Leavesley, Head of Assets at E.ON, added: “Our purpose is to lead the journey to the future energy world by offering smart, sustainable and personalised solutions for our customers at home and in business. To truly do that we need to make sure we are doing our bit internally as well; having zero waste-to-landfill, sustainably powered offices and ever greater opportunities for electric vehicle charging at our sites. It is fantastic that our work with Interserve is being recognised as we both continue to develop sustainable solutions across E.ON sites.”

Chemicals and toxins from these plastics leech into the ecosystem, causing harm to the health of both human and animal populations. In addition, more than 8 million tonnes of plastics enter the oceans each year*, and by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic by weight than fish.†

In the coming years the sea fish we eat will continue to contain microscopic pieces of plastic which is a danger to health. Decomposing bottles also release greenhouse gases which present further serious health risks.

Matt Hemming, Customer Experience Director at Waterlogic UK, said: “Our corporate responsibility as market leaders is to set the pace and help to reduce the use of single-use plastics in the business and commercial sectors. Hopefully with the introduction of our sustainable consumables range, we can encourage other employers, schools, the food industry and the retail trade to set up single-use plastic education and reduction programmes.”

“This is Waterlogic’s first major contribution towards saving the world’s oceans and rivers but not its first in working with water organisations. It has partnered with Dig Deep, a charity that provides clean water and sanitation to rural communities in Kenya. In 2018 the company raised significant funds through various fundraising activities which has helped with its three Ts: Taps, Toilets and Training. This support continues through 2019.”

Matt Hemming added: “It is the duty of every workplace to encourage others to do what they can to preserve the planet for future generations. Waterlogic UK wants to support this, which is why we have introduced the Oceansaver accolade for forward thinking businesses. We will also support this by offering a wide range of sustainable options to all workplaces across the country.”

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Background on Waterlogic

Founded in 1992, Waterlogic was one of the first companies to introduce point-of-use (“POU”) water dispensing systems to Europe and since that time has been a leader in the POU market in terms of product design, quality and the application of new technologies. An established organisation, Waterlogic has successfully grown both organically and through acquisition and continues to expand each year.

Waterlogic has an extensive and expanding independent global distribution network in place, reaching over 50 countries around the world. Waterlogic products are currently being sold in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa. Leading markets are the US and Western Europe, in particular Germany, France, Scandinavia, the UK and Australia.

In addition, Waterlogic have developed Firewall® UV technology which at the point of dispense eliminates up to 99.9999% of bacteria, delivering the purest water possible with every cup dispensed. It also features BioCote®, an antimicrobial compound added to key plastic surfaces that keeps the dispensers fresher and cleaner for longer, protecting against odour causing microbes, such as bacteria, mould and mildew. Waterlogic water dispensers are designed with environmental sustainability in mind including; low energy consumption, recyclable materials and eco-friendly gas.

Press enquiries to: Kelly-Anne Ralph on 07783 155495


Business Insider, Jan 2017, By 2050, the oceans could have more plastic than fish:

Waterlogic presents new Oceansaver Accolade to Interserve/E.ON

Photo caption: Left to right are Rebecca Tristram (E.ON), Zoe Spencer (E.ON), James Williams (Interserve), Joanna Davies (Interserve), Matt Hemming (Waterlogic UK) and Mark Inasi (Waterlogic UK)

Photo Credit: Lee Callaghan.